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2:17 Heart

This is the episode ya'll.... the *pssssst sex* episode.... 

Um. I feel like I should make note right now that im pretty buzzed right now. Apologies for any horrid spelling or words that dont even exist. Im drunk ya'll. Drunk. ALSO.... THIS ONES GONNA BE LONG!!!

* I have many conflicting emotions dealing with this episode. Because I think there are TONS of plot holes in this episode. But I can pretty much forgive that. I mean, there are plot holes in most of the episodes and I still love on all of them..... Its just.... ya'll..... they didn't need to kill Madison. It did NOT need to happen. I feel like they were like "Hey, ya know, we just haven't fucked with the audience enough this season..... lets created this blasted ass episode so everyone will love and hate on it and be confused, like I am right now...."  Im sure those exact words passed Kripkes lips. Truefax.

* I'll try to keep the plot Buzwah? counted. If you know the answer, please feel free to comment. I was just confused at this episode. And drunk this time, so mea culpa.

* *cracks knuckles* lets get started.... Madison and her friends are apparently REALLY FUNNY. They just can't stop laughing

* Plot buzwah? 1 - How did Nate get to the office? Did Madison call him a cab and told the cabbie to take him to the office? BUZWAH?

*Awww, the boys are making googlely faces at Madison... cute!

* Boys!?!?! You're touching EVERYTHING in the apartment you just BROKE into? You're wanted by the F  B   I. Brain-up guys. Brain-up.

* Buzwah? 2 - I thought Madison lived in a house. Not an apartment. The size looks like the entire first floor of a house, but Glenn lives across the hall... BUZWAH?

* ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!!! FTW ( I literally spent hours backstage during one of my shows playing that with the child actor I was in charge of... fun game!!)

* Buzwah? 3 -- So They boys show up at Madisons house/apartment in the night to check on her, and shes NOT a werewolf and then Sam is there ALL day? Shouldn't she be a werewolf when they get to the apartment/house? Also, cuz they know its a werewolf, she'd be safe during the day, right? Right? BUZWAH?

* Who the fuck folds their underwear in front of a cute cop? NOT ME. Well, im not a WEREWOLF, so no hard feelings.

* Okay (drunk burp) I like Madison. I like what she represents. A woman who finds inner strength after an attack. She refuses to be a victim any more in the circumstances in her life and becomes a fighter, a survivor. So WHY you kill the strong female figure in the story? WHY? Buzwah just 'cause....

* Sams got some serious man-chops in this episode. They are VERY intense. (man-chops = sideburns)

* Show had a chance to do some pretty AWESOME stuff with the makeup for the werewolf. But I guess we have to figure out that its Madison, so shes just got some pointy teeth and nails. Sorry, not scaring me. Weak, show.... weeeeeeeak.

* Buzwah 4 - So she crawled back into her bed nekkid after killing a cop? BUZWAH?

* "Like a really hot Incredible Hulk?" hahahahaha


* DAMN Sammy, pushing that whole entertainment center all alone like it was light as a laundry basket full of undies. You strong. Maybe you're a really hot incredible hulk? Huh? Yeah.

* Buzwah 5 - If a weak ass closet with a laundry basket light entertainment center in front of it can keep her in, then there are probably ways to keep her LOCKED UP during the lunar cycles and not dead during the lunar cycles. K? BUZWAH?

* That hooker looks like Amy Sedaris.... if Amy Sedaris was dressed like a hooker. Which she is, on many many occasions. I think the fur vest reminds me of "Strangers with Candy"... Yeah Sedaris family! 

* Buzwah 6 - Madison was nekkid during the first scene, but GLENN was able to keep his knickers on during his runaround as a werewolf. Gratudious nekkidness is okay if it makes sense, but this.... not so much. BUZWAH?

* Urgh, this episode just confuses me. My note right now on my book was seriously "Buzwah x infinity"

* Buzwah 7 - So, they all stayed up and she didn't turn. Cool. Now we know she'll turn when she goes to sleep. Dean makes mention of it later, so why doesn't she drink a lot of coffee during the lunar cycles and NOT SLEEP instead of being dead during the lunar cycles? You DONT have to DIE! BUZWAH?


* Again, next note: "Buzwah? I thought she was cured?"

* Just because theres NO CURE doesn't mean she can't live!!!! ARGH

* Oh Madison, you CANT hurt Sam. He's a really hot incredible hulk :)

* It's not Dean's Single Emo Tear that gets me. It's the FLINCH of the gunshot that just kills me. Guh. Gawd.

* Okay: PEOPLE! Why is she dead? WHY? If her story was a loose parallel to Sam ( which he makes mention of) as someone who has something inside them that is dangerous and they can either die or be saved, well, SHOW. Im thinking you don't want Sam to be saved. That people with darkness and evil in them (even if they cant control it) do not have a place in this world. And I just dont agree. PLUS: K, yeah, I'd be freaked if someone I screwed was like "hey, kill me with this gun, okay? Im a WAREwolf (MST3K, anyone? nope? k.)"  But SHOW played it like they were soulmates instead of a onenightstand... which they were, cuz, HELLO? Boys can't have girlfriends. They're like cowboys and shit like that. Cowboys without girlfriends. 

I think thats all. Jebus. This episode....

Moral of the story. Plot line weak BUT..... I'd totally hit that :)


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