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2:21 All Hell Breaks Loose (Part One)

Here it is.... the season finale. Gulp. Sigh. Tears. It's exciting and terrifying and terrible and glorious. 

* Pie sounds pretty good. 

* Wait... what? Huh? No!!! SAM!!! Where did you go!!

* Oh, there you are. Hi Sam's belly! Its nice to see you!  (Interesting idea of demons just poofing people to different locations. Interesting indeed.)


*Ugh, I hate hate HATE what I know is going to happen, because I so enjoy watching Ava and Andy. They're so funny and short! (ya know, in comparison to Sam)

* ASH!!! 

* So, does Bobby and Dean just leave Bobby's car off the side of some road or are they AT Bobby's? If so, you would think they would have the map meeting inside. So im guessing they just left Bobbys truck on the side of some road.

* Acheri demons can be corporeal without possessing a human. It would be nice to see different variety of demons next season which don't all have to be excercized out of people. But... wishful thinking. They pretty much stick to those who jam themselves down peoples throats.

* Oh Lily... you're gonna die so hard....

* Ash... his name now just screams irony. Sad to be so blatant like that huh? 

* Dean having that vision is friggin sweet!

* Ah... so Sam finds the knife. Foreshadow much?

* Ugh. Damnit show! You're making me like Jake too!

* What we learn from Yellow Eyes:  
1. Needs One soldier to lead an army already compiled.
2. Sam was going to be a Tax Lawyer.
3. Sam's got demon blood in him. (Or does he? Im confused about possession and wether the possessed person does in fact have demon blood in them. )
4. Mary knew either Yellow Eyes OR the man possessed by Yellow Eyes.

* Ava with her big 'ole eyes and crocodille tears. Killing Andy!!! WTF mate?

* Oh Ava... you just went and got your neck broked.

* NO Sam! Dont drop the knife. Do go up against the man who can bench press 800lbs without breaking a sweat. I know you think you're a hot shot fighter with kung fu moves but YOURE GOING TO LOSE!!

* I can't even talk about the last two minutes. Ya'll know what happens. I just. Can't. Do. It.



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