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3:2 Five Fav Things: The Kids Are Alright

1. Creepy ass kids.
-- Kids can be extremely creepy just being themselves. When they're also sonovial fluid sucking gremlin-like monsters they're even worse. And this episode gives us both!! Wow. And the jump factors were incredibly nice.

2. Researching Sam
-- Thank God Sams not gonna give up on Dean. All the research and the book/internet browsing is great to see happen. I mean, I know hes not really IN this episode, but the parts he's in, hes doing his job. TRYIN TO SAVE DEAN!

3. The Moms
-- I don't really care much about Lisa, but its fun to see a woman be freaked out by Dean. Cuz, Dean... this is a creep ass thing to do. You don't even call? I mean, obviously, she didn't live in this subdivision, so he must have looked in the PHONEBOOK.  Oh Dean!  AND Katie's mom is pretty freaked out the entire episode, and its convincing and helps with the drama. I like her, and I wish she had a name.

4. Ruby
-- Its early in the season, Im really intrigued by her. And the bomb she drops with Sam with all of the family members and friends deaths by the YED... interesting. I know it goes NOWHERE, but its still, im liking coming
back to the promise of these questions being answered.

5. Indiana
-- Im sorry. IM SORRY. Why Indiana? Because this is where EVERYTHING HAPPENS! 



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