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1. Rabbits Foot
-- Old tyme idea, new twist. Everyones had a rabbits foot. And its fun. And we need a funny episode, cuz uh DEANS GOING TO HELL. And the horrible stuff that is caused by losing it. Th gore, oh the gore. I'll never look at a bbq fork the same way again. Ugh.

2. Bela
-- First episode for Bela, before I found her tedious and worthless, much like how I feel about Ruby (only Ruby holds a bit more weight in my book). The accent was horrid, but still... she looks like she could cause a lot of damage, and be a lot of fun... alas....

3. Sam
-- Sammy's so funny. And sad and fumbling and losing his shoe! And physical comedy is a dying art. This episode gives us a glimpse at how funny these boys are.

4. Jesus Guy / Gordon
-- I can't remember his name, BUT I think he's important, funny and an intense hunter. Seeing this facet, how the boys are not just fighting againt demons, but the hunters who think they're evil. These boys just can't get a break, but its great to see the rock and a hard place circumstance that Sam and Dean are living. And I know Gordon's a bastard. But I love him. Focused, creepy and ultimately true to himself and full of, well... honor.

5. Papa Winchester's storage locker
-- Although they are only in there for a few moments, I think that it's important for the boys to know that their Dad kept things that were important to him, either in work or in memories. I miss him. :(


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