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2.13 Houses Of The Holy

This rewatch is gonna be shorter, cuz, I think this episode fails. Not so much in its execution but in the inability the show has to revisit the character shifts that occur in the tail end of this episode. So, the main bug in my SPN world deals directly with some of the issues in this episode. Pretty much that evil exists but good does not. Okay, on to the rewatch.


2.12 Nightshifter

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! So much that I made an icon. THATS how much I love this episode. 

HERE! Let me show you!!!


2.09 Croatoan

Mea culpa for the weird formatting on this. I dunno WHATS going on

2.07 The Usual Supects

Condensed: My five fav things about the episode!!!


2.06 No Exit

 "Hell is other people" -- No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre

LJ is being a major bitchface, and Ive tried to post this three times. Im getting sick of trying. This will be condensed, cuz im sick of retyping this again and again. Lets pray it works this time. :0